Automotive Manufacturing Technical Education Collaborative (AMTEC)

AMTEC Contacts

Mrs. Danine Alderete-Tomlin
Executive Director
NSF-Principal Investigator
(859) 256-3284

Mr. P. Craig Hopkins
Program Manager
(859) 256-3351

Mrs. Susan Russell
Instructional Designer
(859) 256-3382

Ms. Meri Bartoli
Sr. Administrative Assistant
(859) 256-3562


At AMTEC, we strive to ignite our students’ interests, educate them to compete in a global economy, and accelerate them into the workplace where they become competent, well-educated members of the automotive and advanced manufacturing industries.

The Automotive Manufacturing Technical Education Collaborative (AMTEC) began as a collaboration of community colleges and automotive original equipment manufacturers and suppliers working to strengthen competency and global competitiveness of these industries.

Through the development of industry-endorsed and scientifically validated skill standards, as well as innovative competency-based curriculum, national certification assessments, diagnostic tools, and our advanced instructional manufacturing simulator, AMTEC is now a nationally recognized organization that provides effective worker education prized by the industry.