Business Service Contacts

Vikki Parman
System Director for Business Services
Telephone: 859-256-3334

Cindy Wells
Business Services Specialist
Telephone: 859-256-3280


Phylis Vissing 
Enterprise System Administrator
Telephone: 859-256-3373

Procurement and Payment

Kim Freeman 
Director of Procurement to Payment Services
Telephone: 859-256-3265

Brenda Nolan 
Procurement Manager
Telephone: 859-256-3325

Vickie Sutherland
Payables Manager
Telephone: 859-256-3344


Teresa Roberts 
Director of Payroll
Telephone: 859-256-3342

Lisa Lowery 
Payroll Manager
Telephone: 859-256-3307

Veterans Affairs
Gwen Hacker 
Director of Veterans Affairs
Telephone: 859-256-3352

The KCTCS System Office Business Services Department exists to provide service, support and leadership in Payroll, Procurement to Payment, Financials Functional Support and also, covers Veterans Affairs/State Approving Agency for Veterans Education.   Our role extends to the administration of all 16 KCTCS colleges and system office to ensure compliance with all applicable federal, state and local tax authorities.   Our mission to provide excellence in customer service.

Key Initiatives:

  • Creating and maintaining security for end users.
  • Assisting veterans with school/program and GI Bill benefit information.
  • A supplier diversity initiative that ensures our goals reflect the diversity of the students and employees of our 16 colleges and the citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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