KCTCS Factbook

Each year KCTCS publishes a Factbook with breakdowns on student data in a variety of formats. We did our best to make the factbooks interactive and customizable based on individual colleges or a particular fall semester.

Please feel free to browse current and former years to get a better understanding pf the student population and become familiar with our organization. Remember, the factbooks will give you information from fall of 2000 to fall of 2016. 

If you have suggestions and or questions please contact us at orpa@kctcs.edu.

To browse the files below we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you use Internet Explorer, you could run into the occasional compatibility issue and may have to refresh your screen to get the files to load.  

Fast Facts

Educational Attainment of Kentucky

Kentucky Demographics and Labor Force

Fall Enrollment (Fall 2000 to Fall 2016)

Spring Enrollment

Student Success (Academic Years)

Human Resources and Finance