Registration Schedule

All students who are currently enrolled and returning for the Spring 2014 semester are eligible to register online using their self-service accounts on October 1, 2013.  Before the currently enrolled returning student can register online, he/she must:

  1. have an active student user account (college e-mail); and
  2. be released for Spring 2014 by the advisor.

 Any student who has registered, been released by their advisor, and set up the student user account may drop/add Spring 2014 classes online through the 100% refund period for that specific course. 

 For example, if a student registers for a full-semester (16-week) ENG 101 course and decides to drop that course, he may do so using his self-service account through Sunday, January 19, 2014.  For a first bi-term course, the student may drop that course through Wednesday, January 16, 2014 using his self-service account.  If the student decides that he wants to add a second bi-term course, he may add/drop a second bi-term course using his self-service account through March 20, 2014.  Important dates are listed below for your quick reference.