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Awards and Enrollment

Financial Aid Awards

When FAFSA results are received and a student has completed all necessary steps in the financial aid process, award amounts are determined (called "packaging") and posted on Self Service. The maximum amount of free aid (Grants, KEES, Scholarships) is awarded to students.  Students must request a student loan in Self Service.

In order to receive a Federal Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized loan, all borrowers must complete Entrance Counseling (EC) and have a valid electronic Master Promissory Note (MPN) on file.  An MPN from a previous school may still be used at Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College (SKYCTC) as long as it has not expired.  Entrance Counseling is required to be completed for SKYCTC.  Both the MPN and EC must be completed at the Federal Direct Loan web site www.studentloans.gov.  The status of any previously completed MPN or Entrance Counseling is available on the website.  Entrance Counseling will explain the difference between Subsidized (need-based) and Unsubsidized (not need-based) loan eligibility, interest rates and repayment options. Completing Entrance Counseling alone will not obligate you to repay any student loan funds.  You will need your FAFSA PIN to access the Direct Loan website.  Expect 48-72 hours for EC and MPN to be confirmed by SKYCTC once completed.

Students may view a complete loan history at www.nslds.ed.gov including contact information for customer service, making payments, etc. You will need your FAFSA PIN to access your NSLDS record.

Students who need assistance with the loan request process, Entrance Counseling or the MPN should visit the Financial Aid Office anytime during regular office hours.

Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) does not require an application.  KEES information comes to the college automatically upon enrollment.  If you anticipate you will receive KEES and it does not show up on Self Service, contact the FA Office.  Students may verify KEES eligibility at www.kheaa.com anytime.

All financial aid awards are subject to change.  For example, a student who receives a scholarship or assistance from a third party provider (BRADD, Vocational Rehabilitation, etc.) may experience a reduction in eligibility for other types of assistance, typically loans, in order to avoid a federal overaward.  A student may be offered a CAP Grant, however, if not enrolled in a CAP-eligible program, it will be canceled.

Enrollment Status

Financial Aid eligibility is based on Enrollment Status at the end of drop/add (or when the financial aid file is completed) for the term.  Students are awarded financial aid based on full time enrollment, but actual aid on Self Service is based on current enrollment and changes if enrollment changes prior to the end of the drop/add period.  As long as your actual aid is enough to cover your tuition due, no payment is necessary.

It is not necessary to be enrolled full time to be eligible for financial aid.  In general, the difference between enrolling full time or part time is not significant (part-time students receive less financial aid, but pay less tuition than full-time students).

1-5 credits = Less than half time:  You receive Pell Grant only; approximately 25% of the full-time amount

6-8 credits = Half time:  You are eligible to participate in ALL financial aid programs; You receive approximately 50% of the full time Pell/CAP/KEES amounts, usually 100% of loans

9-11 credits = Three quarter time:  You receive approximately 75% of full time Pell/CAP/KEES amounts, 100% of loans

12 credits = Full time:  You receive 100% of Pell/CAP/KEES/loans

Summer Financial Aid

Summer Financial Aid is different from the regular fall or spring term.  Generally, full-time students receive half their financial aid in the fall and the other half in the spring leaving no financial aid eligibility for the summer.  Students who are not full-time both fall and spring may be eligible for financial aid for the summer term; however, summer financial aid depends on many factors including availability of funds and enrollment status.  It is not possible to determine the amount of eligibility for summer financial aid until you register for summer classes.  Instructions for summer financial aid will be available prior to the summer tuition due date.  When registering for summer classes, you should make alternative arrangements to pay for tuition and books in case you are not eligible for a grant or loan.

Additional Information

Financial Aid awards can be revoked at any time if SAP and/or other financial aid requirements are not met, possibly requiring immediate payment of tuition and other charges to the college or repayment of financial aid funds previously received.