Reporting Responsibilities

A written report will be prepared and issued by Audit Services following the conclusion of each audit.  Normally, a draft copy of the report will be reviewed with the college or department head affected.  The college or department head receiving the final copy of the report will respond, in writing, to the audit recommendations or concerns on a timely basis.  The response will indicate what actions were taken regarding specific report findings and recommendations.

Distribution of final reports will include the Vice President of Finance, Chancellors, System Director of Business Services, and other members of Senior Management deemed necessary.

The college or department head receiving the final audit report is responsible for ensuring that progress is made toward correcting any unsatisfactory conditions.  Audit Services is responsible for determining whether the action taken is adequate to resolve audit findings.  If the action is not adequate, Audit Services will inform KCTCS management of the potential risk and exposure in allowing the unsatisfactory conditions to continue.