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How to Register

Continuing education offers professional training courses where participants can obtain the necessary requirements for maintaining certification or licensure in their respective vocational fields.  Courses are taught by subject matter experts who focus instruction on meeting the necessary requirements for maintaining professional qualifications and work credentials.  Continuing Education courses and re-certifications are currently offered in these areas:

  • Electrical Contractors
  • HVAC
  • Master Electrician/Electrician
  • Plumbers Code
  • Plumbers Safety
  • Waste Water Treatment 

Community Education offers courses and programs that are available for the general public, with a focus on personal and professional development.  Instruction and program offerings such as Chef Camp and Career Craze Leap are intended to enrich the quality of lives through lifelong learning and personal enrichment opportunities.

If you would like to register for a Continuing Education course or Community Education program please go to our forms page.