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Picture of Riley Watson
Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College (SKYCTC) student Riley Watson was awarded the Kentucky Restaurant Associations Culinary Arts Student of the Year at the Kentucky Restaurant Association (KRA) Gala and awards ceremony in Louisville on Monday, January 16, 2017. She was one of three finalists for the award.
Renee White, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College, was named as a Fellow with the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC).  Fellows are the highest level of recognition and required to have at least 10 years of experience in health care and engagement within the coding profession community.
Story by Simone Payne - BG Daily News
The partnership between St. James United Methodist Church and the community will continue with the fifth annual Empty Bowls fundraiser Feb. 23 at Sloan Convention Center.
Story by Aaron Mudd - BG Daily News
Although he loves physics and excels in all his subjects, William has a passion for math. He could add and subtract at age 2, multiply and divide by age 3 and, as a second-grader, solve algebraic equations. After skipping a few grades and finishing out his sixth-grade year at Foundation Christian Academy, he started at Southern Kentucky Community and Technical College with a trigonometry course at the age of 10.
Ken DeLane McKenney, has been appointed by Governor Matt Bevin to the Kentucky Board of Respiratory Care. McKenney of Bowling Green, is the Respiratory Care Director of Clinical Education and an associate professor at Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College. McKenney shall serve for a term expiring Oct. 31, 2019
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"SKYCTC's small class sizes and family atmosphere make it easy to succeed. Students are as prepared for their degrees as if they attended a four year university. SKYCTC is a great environment for students to thrive in, and when you leave you are prepared to succeed."

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Photo of Bertena Varney

Bertena's last study was a master’s paper titled, “Search for the Lure of the Vampire.” This ultimately became the beginnings of her book. After graduation she continued to write and research on vampires until she developed her first book, Lure of the Vampire: A Pop Culture Reference Book. It has been published by two separate publishing houses and has won Amazon and Kindle Best Seller in the Reference and Pop Culture sections.