75th Year Anniversary

Diamonds go through miraculous transformations - from lumps of coal to shining, precious gemstones. Your college has also experienced many miraculous transformations – from the Western Trade School founded in 1939 to Bowling Green Area Vocational School to Bowling Green Technical College and now to the sparkling, accredited Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College (SKYCTC) currently serving over 16,000 people in 10 counties. Our radiance continues to shine after 75 years!








75th Anniversary Events

January 24   75th College Birthday Party
February 20   SKYCTC Board of Directors’ Meeting in Glasgow
February 22   Super Saturday
February 23   Super Sunday
April 10   Retiree Coffee with President Dr. Phillip Neal
April 15    Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting Ceremony (11:00 am)
April 24   Best Places to Work Awards Dinner in Lexington
May 12   Service Awards Luncheon
May 16   SKYCTC Commencement Ceremony and Inauguration of Dr. Phillip Neal
August 18   SKYCTC Welcome Back Students